FAQ / Nudity Detection

How do you define Nudity?

We have worked to set up a categorization of images into several levels and types of Nudity. This categorization has been built to be aligned with what our users expect, and to help you define custom moderation rules specific to your use-case.

Here are the high-level:

  • Raw Nudity: this includes the most graphic and explicit scenes. Pornographic images are included in this category along with images containing nude breasts, genitals, nude buttocks, pubic hair, sexual intercourse etc.
  • Partial Nudity: this includes scenes with no raw nudity (no genitals, no pornographic content) but that may need to be filtered, depending on your use-case. This includes women in bikini, bare male chests, cleavages, lingerie and miniskirts.
  • Safe Content: this includes all other images, with no nudity. Faces, arms, hands and legs are considered safe.

Please head to our model documentation for more details

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