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How does Sightengine compare to Human Moderation?

There are a number of ways in which our service is different from Human Moderators. While Human Moderators can be relevant to cover some specific needs or situations, we believe our Automated solution will become the default approach to most use-cases thanks to its many advantages:

  • Cost: Automated Moderation is a lot cheaper than Human Moderation. Typically 10x cheaper
  • Speed and Scalability: Our service is more than 10x cheaper than Human Moderators and 20x faster.
  • Availability: While it can become costly to have always-on rotating teams of Human Moderators to review content at any moment of the day and year, our API will (of course) be there for you 24/7.
  • Auditability: our results and moderation decisions are easily auditable. Along with each moderation decision you get a description of the content found, its position in the image (when looking for specific objects or gestures), and its position in the video, along with the engine's confidence score.
  • Consistency: Whereas it can be hard to maintain consistent moderation rules across a team of human moderators, our API results will remain consistent if a user submits the same image several times. That said, we do perform model updates on a continuous basis to improve our coverage
  • Privacy: Images remain private as no Humans will be looking at the images or videos to moderate them. This is especially useful for GDPR compliance and for content that is expected to stay fully private such as images shared in direct messages.

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