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Moderate user-generated images efficiently and in real-time with our API. Automatically detect unwanted content using our best-in-class models.

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Detect any type of unwanted content in Images

Easily choose what models you want to apply. Create your own Moderation rules. Change them at any time.

Porn · Explicit Nudity · Partial Nudity · Offensive signs · Offensive Gestures · Revealing neckline · Bare chest · Bikini · Swimwear · Miniskirt · Lingerie · Gore · Graphic violence · Middle finger · Nazi Flag · SS bolts · KKK signs · ISIS flag · Guns · Rifles · Knives · Confederate flag · Beer · Wine · Cocktails · Alcohol · Medical Drugs · Medical Pills · Syringes · Cannabis · Tobacco · Recreational drugs · Joints · Personal information · Custom concepts · Safe images ...

Detect 8 levels of nudity and suggestiveness

Nudity is not a binary concept. Your audience and your brand need a custom and fine-grained way to filter what's acceptable to you and what's not.
With our pre-trained priorietary Nudity Models, easily decide exactly what you accept and what you reject. More about our Nudity Detection API

Safe images Revealing neckline Bare chested man Bikini and swimwear

Detect 20+ offensive, violent or otherwise inappropriate concepts

Pick and choose from our list of fine-grained models to decide what's appropriate and what's not. You decide what you want to filter.
Unwanted content
  • Guns & rifles
  • Knives
  • Alcohol
  • Medical drugs
  • Syringes
Offensive content
  • Middle fingers
  • Nazi symbols
  • Confederate flag
  • ISIS flag
  • SS bolts

Highly customizable. Define your own thresholds and your own custom rules

Different communities need different moderation rules. Easily set up rules that work best with your community and your brand.
  • Nudity
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Offensive
  • ...

Thanks to our expressive JSON results, you can easily integrate the Sightengine API with your Moderation pipeline and your current back-end. Set and change your thresholds at anytime directly from your code.

High Accuracy, Fine Grained Results

Your customers expect their content to be validated correctly and immediately — not eventually.
We constantly monitor our accuracy and speeds.
99.2% F1 accuracy on
porn detection

Best-in-class accuracy. Specialist models and A.I. trained specifically for Image Moderation.

Always up to date. Continuously improved and optimized.

230ms median nudity
inference time

Instant response. No moderation queues. No unnecessary waiting. No tricky callback mechanisms.

Optimized for speed. Powerful Hardware for Media Analysis.


Worldwide coverage, distributed processing

Choose where your Images get processed. Optimize moderation speed and stay compliant by choosing from our data-centers available on 5 continents.

Core Regions

3 core regions available to all customers: North America, Western Europe, Central Europe.

Enterprise Regions

4 enterprise regions available for custom deployments for Enterprise customers: US East, US West, Singapore, Eastern Australia.

Quick and Easy to setup

Our API was designed by developers for developers. We have worked hard to make it simple and quick to integrate with. Access our detailed documentation, quickstart guides, easy-to-integrate SDKs or talk to our live support whenever needed.
# copy and paste this in your terminal
curl -X GET -G '' \
     -d 'url=' \
     -d 'models=nudity,wad,properties,offensive'
# install the SDK with "pip install sightengine"
client = SightengineClient('{api_user}', '{api_secret}')
output = client.check('nudity', 'wad', 'properties', 'offensive') \
// install the SDK with "composer require sightengine/client-php"
use \Sightengine\SightengineClient;
$client = new SightengineClient('{api_user}', '{api_secret}');
$check = $client->check(['nudity', 'wad', 'properties', 'offensive']);
$output = $check->set_url('');
// install the SDK with "npm install sightengine --save"
var sightengine = require('sightengine')('{api_user}', '{api_secret}');
sightengine.check(['nudity', 'wad', 'properties', 'offensive']).set_url('').then(function(result) {
  // The API response (result)
}).catch(function(err) {
  // Handle error

Scale to the sky. Easily moderate your photos as your business grows from a couple to billions of items per month.

Absolute privacy. No human reviewers in the loop. Your photos stays private. Just the way your users expect it to be.

Build a Full content moderation solution
with our Video and Text Moderation APIs

Video Moderation

Moderate user-generated videos and streams. Perform live moderation on your live streams. Detect any type of bad content down to the frame. More on our Video Moderation API

H.264 avi mov mpeg HLS RTSP RTMP...

Text & Username Moderation

Detect toxicity, profanity, insults, sexual content, discriminatory content. Filter out personal details such as emails, phone numbers. Limit the ability for users to link to external websites. More on our Text Moderation API

messages comments reviews usernames posts...

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